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A Bright Idea, LLC swimming pool and spa repair in Beaufort

Services we provide.

swimming pool

we can repair or replace any type of equipment you, may have on your pool.

this includes pumps, filters, heaters as well as heat pumps, salt systems, and lights.

let us set up a maintenance program  for you to have your sand changed every 5 years, and pump seals replaced every spring.

spas, and hot tubs

repair your spa sytems or upgrade them to work on WIFI.


get you on a maintenance program to have your spa drained per MFG every 3 to 5 months. 

and get your pump seals changed every year to prevent costly motor replacements do to leaky shaft seals.

opening your pool

we offer three ways to open your pool for the season.

1. full service, which includes removing pool cover (and cleaning it), vacuuming pool, power washing the deck, changing the pump seals, getting the chemicals back to where they should be, and going over the entire system and reporting any repairs that may need to be addressed.

2. basic service, which includes removing the pool cover (and cleaning it), vacuuming pool, getting the chemicals back to where they should be, and going over the entire system and reporting any repairs if needed.

3. economy service, remove and clean cover, vacuum pool go over system and report any repairs that may be needed. 

closing your pool

vacuuming the pool, and installing your cover or have a custom cover made for your pool. 

draining the system (pumps, filters, heater) and prepare it for winter.

Dump truck and bobcat work

we have a 8.5 ton (7.5yards) dump truck that can handle small properties with ease. paired with a bobcat to level and grade dirt, stone, ect... there's not much we cant do.

Bucket truck

with 50ft working height we can maintain most parking lot lighting needs, as well as the odd job where a ladder just wont do.

Commercial pools

Commercial pools

we can maintain your current systems by:

1. Changing the sand in the filters (this will help reduce chlorine usage and have clearer water)

2. Replace that old worn out pump seal (this will reduce down time)

3. Service the chemical feeders.


we can upgrade your old outdated system with a new state of the art more efficent filter system.

with UV water treatment equipment and or salt systems. That will cut your operating costs way down.

24-7 chemical monitoring

We can install chemical controllers, that will allow us to monitor and adjust the chemicals in your pool as needed from anywhere in the world with internet access.  We will know about a problem before it becomes a problem.


We can install state of the art efficient heating systems both gas and heat pumps, or a combination of both to keep you heated all year long.


Your pool to hot during the peak of summer? Don’t just add fresh water and loose your chemical.  We can install a water chiller to cool off the water Instead.

Are you complaint with DHEC?

with the changing rules and Regulations with DHEC are you up to date?

we can go over your system and pool site to let you know, and bring you up to date.