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A Bright Idea, LLC swimming pool and spa repair in Beaufort

Run your filter for as low as $128.00 annually.

Go green save money

Tired of spending a lot on electricity to run your pool?

Tired of your pool being green because you don’t run the pump long enoug?

let us install a variable speed pump on your pool and see the difference yourself.

you can save up to 90% on running your pump. 

Did you know in the next two to three years all new pools being built will be required to have variable speed pumps? 

Is is your current pump loud? A variable speed is so much quiter then a standard pump you will have to check the pump to see if it’s actually running.

You can even convert your current pump over

in Some situations you can even keep your current pump and just change out the motor to a variable speed motor and start saving money for less.